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Official Documentation: Relationships

Relationship Families

Area Artist Label Recording Release Release Group URL Work
Area Area—Area              
Artist Area—Artist Artist—Artist            
Label Area—Label Artist—Label Label—Label          
Recording Area—Recording Artist—Recording Label—Recording Recording—Recording        
Release Area—Release Artist—Release Label—Release Recording—Release Release—Release      
Release Group Area—Release Group Artist—Release Group Label—Release Group Recording—Release Group Release—Release Group Release Group—Release Group    
URL Area—URL Artist—URL Label—URL Recording—URL Release—URL Release Group—URL URL—URL  
Work Area—Work Artist—Work Label—Work Recording—Work Release—Work Release Group—Work URL—Work Work—Work

This relationship family lists all advanced relationships which can be used to link URLs and URLs together.

Official and proposed advanced relationships

This page lists both official relationship types and proposed advanced relationships, and thus not every relationship type listed here may yet be able to be used.

The relationships of this type which are official and which have been implemented on the MusicBrainz server can be viewed here.

While only relationship editors are able to edit the official advanced relationship definition tree, anyone can propose a new relationship type.

Some sites should not be linked

Attention.png Note that some sites should not be linked to using this type of advanced relationship. Please refer to what not to link to for more information.

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