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Alexander Dupuy

When I first got involved with MusicBrainz a few years ago, like many other contributors, I found it satisfied some kind of obsessive-compulsive craving to organize and structure data. Many thousands of edits and votes later, the rest of my life got in the way again, and not only am I (probably) no longer in the top-10 or even top-20 editors and voters, I'm not even sure of the fact. However, I'm still keeping up to date with the mailing lists, even though I don't really have time to participate in the IRC discussions. And I'm still interested in the InterNationalization issues for MusicBrainz, as well as the WikiDocs project (although I'm not active enough to have been chosen as a TransclusionEditor).

You can see more about my interests in my MainSite moderator profile Editor:dupuy - I used to wonder why there was a Wiki UserPage for each moderator as well, but now I think the right thing would be to have an automatic transclusion so that the moderator profile would include the text from the relevant WikiPage (once the moderator specified their WikiName on the MainSite).


It's so that you can easily sign your edits and then I have somewhere to leave a note thanking you for all your hard work on the wiki. The EditType table being particularly nice. -- bawjaws

It is also so that people can see how much you have done for the wiki by looking at the BackLinks to this page. Then they can leave a note here thanking you for it; e.g. for RestructuringTheDocumentation. (Unfortunately the BackLinks also show all non-link occurences of "Dupuy". So to see all the pages you edited, we need another backlink hack :-) --DonRedman

I love the BackLink hack! It's useful in another way. If people want to refer to me, they should write Dupuy (["Dupuy"]); when I write something myself, I will sign it @alex ([:Dupuy:@alex]); the regular backlink finds references to me (whether WikiLinked or not) and the BackLinkHack finds pages that I have contributed to (signed). @alex

  • now you tell me that I can just sign your name with 'dupuy' when I had such problems with SpecialPurposeArtist (want to say thanks for starting that page as well) ~mo