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There are loads of pages that deal with style issues, editing issues and so on that form a BigMess. They could probably be called "Moderating Issues" but "Moderating" is Bad Terminology and "X-Issues" is a bad Wiki Name.

  • TarragonAllen proposed to name this section editing guidelines, and that page has been created, but is still only a discussion (monologue, really) about what should go there.

We still have to Restructure The Wiki to group them. This is no easy task because the problems with these pages include (but are in no way limited to):

  • Some pages have very bad titles. If the title is a bad Wiki Name or does not describe what the page is about, then it is obviously difficult to link to that page. The best thing is probably to move the content to a better named page. see Bad WikiName.
  • They are poorly linked pages within the Wiki. Often only one or two pages link to them. Here we need to find the pages that are related to them and add the links. see Orphaned Pages and Needs Intertwingling.
  • Often the pages are in bad shape. Some are badly laid out discussions that need a tentative summary. Some have not been edited since an eternity. see Needs Editing and Needs Updating.

Please help along! If you feel like editing or properly linking one of these pages, please go ahead! To help in doing this the pages that form the BigMess are listed below:

  • MusicBrainz Philosophy - claims to be "a page for "discussion on guiding principles and philosophies" as I noticed there are some questions of philosophy on data collection and purpose etc. that should probably be meta-factors driving other decisions." As such it should be MusicBrainzPhilosophyDiscussion. And we would need a tentative summary of that discussion in MusicBrainz Philosophy.
  • Unresolved Style Issues - Is a list of unanswered questions and a bit of discussion. seems to be quite up to date by the history. Is this development or what?
  • OddReleaseDiscussion - A huge page of problems and ideas that are put there and then left alone (seems to me).
  • GeneralStyleGuidelines - Checkmark.png page has been deleted
  • What is the difference between this page and the official style-guide? The page itself is in good shape but baldy linked to the rest of the wiki (The wiki should contain tons of links to this page!).

Stuff that is Development

I will create MusicBrainzDevelopment to group all this stuff. --DonRedman

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