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Status: This page describes a failed proposal. It is not official, and should only be used, if at all, as the basis for a new proposal.

Proposal number: RFC-Unassigned
Champion: None
Status: Failed, due to Unknown
This proposal was not tracked in Trac.

Proposal for a better Track Times Calculation

There is a need to improve the mechanism that calculates the release track times. See also:

Current Mechanism

  • If a release is imported from FreeDB, the track times are imported with it.
  • If a release is added manually, the track times are set to ??
  • If a DiscID is added to a release with all track times set to ??, the track times are set from the DiscID.

Causes of Incorrect Track Times

  • AutoInsertFromFreeDB MultiSessionCDs affected by the MultiSessionCDBug.
  • Releases which were manually added and then given the wrong DiscID.
  • FreeDB imported releases (with track times) that someone has later done a AddTrackEdit (aka FrankenAlbums!!). These will have time ?? for the extra track, but adding a DiscID will not set the track time, since the other tracks have a time.

Problems with Current Mechanism

  • Currently the only way of fixing an incorrect track time is an ugly, time consuming workaround - reimporting the disc from FreeDB with the correct times, then merging the old release into the new.
  • It's not easy to audit the source of track times (e.g. due to moving DiscIDs or merging releases).

Proposed Mechanism

I propose a very simple change to the code:

When a release has exactly one DiscID, recalcuate the track times.

So this would be triggered:

  • When the first DiscID is added to any release.
  • When the second-to-last DiscID is removed from a release.
  • When two releases are merged (though assuming the first two rules have been applied, this would be redundant, since the track time the merging release already overwrites the "mergee").


  • Nice and simple to code (and test)!
  • Track times from TRMs are still ignored (they're unreliable anyway).
  • DiscIDs trump FreeDB import in calculation of track times (but since we've got the DiscID, we don't need FreeDB).
  • Moving DiscIDs to or from a release automatically recalculates the track times.


In order to clean up the existing track times, could we have one-off script run to recalulate the times for all releases with a single DiscID?

It might also be handy to have new EditType to SetTrackTimesFromDiscID to allow manual selection of the correct DiscID.