Candidate for Deletion

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Proposing a page for deletion

If you want to propose something for deletion and initiate the discussion, you should:

  1. Add {{delete}} to the top of the page you're proposing to delete. This will show up on people's watch lists (so don't mark the change as minor).
  2. Add a section to the end of Candidate for Deletion/Current containing the following (replace page name with the page name and your reason with your reason, ~~~~ will automatically add your signature and the date):
==[[page name]]==
your reason ~~~~

Discussing and voting

To discuss or vote on things being proposed for deletion, simply continue (or start, if you're the first person) the list below the entry. Don't forget to sign your comments with ~~~~!


After a period of time (still to be decided), someone (who?) will decide whether to keep or delete the page. The proposal should be archived on Candidate for Deletion/Archive (the archive page could be split and numbered if it becomes too big).