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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.


The MusicBrainz Classic Tagger application allows you to automatically look up the tracks in your music collection and then write clean metadata tags (ID3 tags or Vorbis comment fields) to your files. As you tag the files in your collection that MusicBrainz didn't recognize, you submit the acoustic fingerprints (TRM IDs) of your files back to the server. Submitting acoustic fingerprints will allow MusicBrainz to automatically identify these tracks in the future, so that other people using the Tagger can benefit from the work you have done. Please note that the TRM server does not scale very well, and it has been superceded since 2006 with the MusicDNS PUID fingerprinting system; usable from our next-generation Picard Tagger.

As the community uses the Tagger application, more and more files will be automatically recognized. Since the system could not handle the amount TRM IDs being submitted, we pruned the TRM database at regular intervals to be able to keep the server running, so some files which initially had TRM Ids might not be recognized,. Please download the next-generation cross-platform (Picard Download) tagger and create fingerprints using the new technology. You may also want to take a look at our statistics page to see how many PUIDs we've been collecting recently.

Does it still work?

As of the next-scheduled major release of the MusicBrainz Server (scheduled for beta at the end of August 2009), the Classic Tagger will cease to function, after more than 3 years in a "deprecated" status. You can read about this announcement on the blog.

Next Steps

If you'd like to download the tagger or find out more about how to use it, try the following links.