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CollaborationOfTheMonth > Bob Marley & The Wailers

Collaboration of the Month: Bob Marley & The Wailers

The CollaborationOfTheMonth for May 2007 is Bob Marley & The Wailers

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This may also require a look at The Wailers and Bob Marley pages.

It has been unofficial policy to list re-releases and compilations under Bob Marley & The Wailers even if it only says Bob Marley on the cover.


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  • Bob Marley
    • The "Musical Career" could be helpful in figuring out which releases go under which band



Cover Art:

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  • Bob Marley - Catch a Fire (1994)
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_catch_a_f-2.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_catch_a_fire.jpg]] Back] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_catch_a_f-1.jpg]] CD]
  • Bob Marley - Chances Are
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_chances_a-1.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_chances_are_.jpg]] Back]
  • Bob Marley - Chant Down Babylon (1999)
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_chant_dow-1.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_chant_down_b.jpg]] Back]
  • Bob Marley - One Love (1988)
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_one_love_-1.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_marley_one_love_198.jpg]] Back]
  • Bob Marley - One Love (2001)
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_the_wailers_marl-3.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_the_wailers_marley_.jpg]] Back] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_the_wailers_marl-2.jpg]] CD] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_bob_the_wailers_marl-1.jpg]] CD]
  • The Wailers - Live in Jamaica (2004)
  • [[[Image:AllCDCovers_wailers_live_in_jama-2.jpg]] Front] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_wailers_live_in_jamaica.jpg]] Back] [[[Image:AllCDCovers_wailers_live_in_jama-1.jpg]] inside]

A timeline, so we don't go crazy trying to keep all the relationships clear:

  • Correction to the below: for 1969 to 1974, things are funky. Check the ARs and annotations to be sure about where releases in this period ought to fall.