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Getting started

If you want to help translate, go to the Transifex page (to be soon replaced with Weblate) and create an account. If there is already a team for your language, you can join it, if not, you can ask for the creation of a new team.


MetaBrainz community forums can be used (with categories and tags) for discussion beyond Transifex (soon Weblate) comments:

For instant conversation with developers, you’re welcome to ask in the #metabrainz IRC channel.

If you find a bug in the server or want to suggest changes, you can enter an issue in our bug tracker; See more particularly CritiqueBrainz internationalization issues.

Viewing the translations

Some of the more complete translations are available on the only server at

The translations do not update automatically, they are updated at release time only.


The CritiqueBrainz server code is using gettext to provide with automatic translation of messages and texts used in the Python code and Jinja2 HTML templates.

A POT file is provided with all the strings used in the server. They are in English.

See developer documentation at:


  • CritiqueBrainz supports writing reviews in an auto-detected/manually selectable language.