Development Chat/Notes/2013-01-18

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IRC log:

Start: 20:00:00 ianmcorvidae <BANG>


  • Reviews
  • Schema change (this week or next?) (ian)
  • MBS-5742/javascript (ocharles/ian)
  • Changed-entity feeds (reosarevok)
  • Adding review links to "in review" tickets (Freso/nikki)
  • Decision Required: MBS-4282 (reosarevok)
  • Decision Required: MBS-2021 (nikki)
  • Decision Required: MBS-3108
  • Decision Required: MBS-3626
  • Decision Required: MBS-1687
  • Decision Required: MBS-3618
  • Decision Required: MBS-1774


worked on bugs, worked on other bugs, poked at jira a lot, fixed an SSL cert.
Worked some on bugs and a lot of time on reviewing Ian's and ocharles' pull requests. Also working on wrapping nagios work, hoping to finish at latest during Tuesday. Had a sick day and a travel day.
Spent most working hours on bug fixing (~20 tickets to review, a few need a bit more). Spent some time on NES during spare time.
Fixed some small errors, wrote a schema change patch.
Nothing to report.
Looked at java tools for monitoring memory leaks etc, spent some time getting data for ws/2 improvements and updated the ws/2 improvement Google doc.

Schema Change

Ian/Kuno/ocharles will ping Rob tomorrow (Tues., Jan. 29th) about planning the schema change. Possibly up for next dev. meeting.


  • Discussion about where the boundaries are for requiring JavaScript on edit pages.
  • No solution was deemed fulfilling, apart from everybody agreeing that we need editable WS.
  • Suggestion: Continue discussion on Jira:MBS-5742
  • Suggestion accepted.

Changed-entity feeds

Postponed as it needs Rob's involvement.

Adding review links to "in review" tickets

  • Freso requests that all developers add a comment with a link to the review when marking tickets as "in review".
  • There seemed to be unanimous support for this.

Decision Required: MBS-4282

Decision: Assign to Rob and ask if he's okay with it being marked as a dupe of MBS-3856

Decision Required: MBS-2021

Based on feedback from User:Nikki/Recording lengths, 13 people are for always automatically calculating Recordings' time, and only one thinks they should only be automatically calculated sometimes. Based on this, the meeting agreed to move the discussion to which method should be used for calculating. Nikki will update her page to focus more on the method and bring it up again at a later meeting.

Decision Required: MBS-3108

Decision: We want this, we want it for everything with aliases, let's talk about interface next. (Also, the functionality is supported by NES already, so we'll wait for NES with implementing, also making the ticket depend on NES.)

Decision Required: MBS-3626

Decision: Everybody okay with it as "display appropriate license icons based on license relationships". Forwards!

Decision Required: MBS-1687

Decision: Won't Fix (unanimous, even for Kuno who reported it)

Decision Required: MBS-3618


  1. Reopen the ticket, but leave a note that fixing the whole RE is a better long-term solution
  2. Create a rewrite-the-RE ticket, and link as related

Decision Required: MBS-1774

Decision: Use `type-id`

End: 21:00:08 ianmcorvidae </BANG>