Development Chat/Notes/2013-02-04

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IRC log:

Start: 19:59:55 ruaok <BANG>


  • Reviews
  • MBS-5800 (reotab/nikki)
  • MBS-5677 (ian)
  • Move to Bitbucket instead (Freso)
  • GitHub review decision (ocharles)
  • Triage (warp)
  • Dropping PUIDs (Freso)
  • Dropping (ruaok)
  • Jenkins? (ian)
  • Editor search (nikki)


only working half a week. (wasted a day on emigration paperwork, and the weekend on going to fosdem), so has some catching up to do this week and the next. Did the final deploy of nagios, but hasn't checked yet if it is reporting the same issues as our existing install. Intends to have a look at that later this week. Spent quite a bit of time reviewing code, and the only ticket he worked on was MBS-5726 (the real fix shipped a few weeks ago, but the cleanup script needed some fixing + testing)
some traveling, some catching up. but changed-mbid-feed is out there, still quite raw and some debugging left to do. once that is somewhat stable I'll ask for feedback on what we should do next. I also started the schema change process and setup with ianmcorvidae. we've got loads and loads of work to do. :) I'm also curious about a few things and what people think. namely, on the topic of getting rid of one of our old servers, scooby. it hosts a lot of shit. and we should be hosting less stuff. so, moving the blog is one thing. pretty easy at that. would anyone be willing to volunteer to move our blog? I think it can be done without much sysadmin access. (reosarevok bids in.) (some people bid in to look into alternatives to Google Groups for mailing lists.)
Generally straightforward week. Fixed a bunch of bugs, set up rika accounts for a couple folks (yay! more contributors!), and various such things. Helped set up changed-mbids and calendar and stuff.
A couple of policy-ish tickets on beta, which will matter more next week when they go to master, but I wanted to note them:
  1. edits are open for 7 days
  2. abstain votes won't result in emails
Good week. On monday we released which needed 2 hot fixes on tuesday. Did a ton of code reviewing - volunteers have been especially busy, thanks! Spent some time playing with viewing edits in NES. Added the transaction handling stuff in to the NES service that was talked about a fortnight ago, so all requests have a transaction boundary. Focused on relationships for NES, and you can now create works and relate them to URLs and other works, as well as merge works. In fact, the work controller is essentially "done" - every bit of functionallity that was coming from pre-NES is now coming from NES, but works are still a fair way off done - that still requires migration, replication, working out what to do with tests, etc... Had a play with the changed mbid stuff, as I'd really really like to see it be a service, rather than a bunch of files, so in my free time, I whipped up a prototype of the kind of service I envision. This may or may not come in useful later, I dunno
Got ian to fix me up with a rika account :) Then I learnt some ko and did work on MBS-5644, and it's working fairly nicely - eg. - other than that, nothing from me, but I only worked yesterday :)


Rob says to lift the restriction for now.


Refactor the URL output for the web service's JSON output to give proper URL entity objects, and add url-id atribute for the WS's XML output.

Move to Bitbucket

No final decision either way. Continue discussion off meeting and look at pricing etc.

GitHub review decision

Moving back to Review Board for now, due to frustrations with GitHub pull requests.

Also related to previous topic: Freso will look into pricing/costs and other possible issues with moving to Bitbucket.


Triage meeting on Wednesday the 13th of February, 2013. Standard Meeting Time.

Dropping PUIDs

Decision is to wait until October 2013 schema change to drop the PUID data from the database.


Later this year as well.


ocharles broke it for beta due to trying to be smart with GitHub. Mystery solved!

Editor search

General agreement about moving editor search away from "direct" searching to indexed searching. A ticket will be made for implenting editor search in Lucene. We also need to generally give the search related tickets a good look as well as consolidate our various search technologies.

End: 20:55:49 ruaok </BANG>