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IRC log: Start: 20:00:00 ruaok <BANG>


  • Reviews
  • Bitbucket
  • NES musicbrainz-server reviews (ocharles)
  • WordPress move (reotab)
  • Decision Required's


Spent half my time looking into two issues regarding emptying scooby (mailing lists and stats collection/graphing). Spoke to ruaok about stats, but not yet about mailing lists - will do that post meeting.
The other half I was looking into the release editor crashes. A possible cause there is that the session/cache modules we use are not good at reconnecting to memcached if the connection was lost. That still reproduces similar crashes as those reported, though I'm not sure if fixing that will solve it. There could be other issues. Still, that seemed like the first thing to fix, so I spent Friday and today trying to move sessions from memcached to redis. Both catalyst sessions and the separate release editor sessions.
Couple different firefighting instances this week, otherwise mostly assorted bugfixes. Not sure how much I have to say :) I have patches in the pipeline, considering schema changes, carrying on as usual :)
Some good discussion on MBS-799 (locations) between ocharles and I, if others feel like they want to weigh in.
Had a fairly good week. While I had Tuesday off because I was in Malvern, I actually worked for MB the whole week. (7digital didn't need me, sniff.) So, I: looked into caching oddities on beta.mb, increased test coverage in musicbrainz-data (nes), did a lot of reviewing, and got the release editor to create NES releases - but only basic releases (it can't do tracklists yet), though I did almost get tracklists working before I left work today.
I spent half a day building too. (It's actually still uploading as we speak.)
But basically, I have two different NES plans which can be delivered at different times one is a plan that uses a denormalized database and keeps the code the same (a "minimal" plan) and the other moves everything to NES (the "comprehensive" plan).
./work is almost entirely done
Mellow week with finances and such.
Good news: looks like zvooq is back in business and they want to catch up on what they owe us, which is upward of $20k. once that money hits our bank and I sign the spotify contract, we'll be ready to renew some contracts, which is still very much on my mind. esp for iancorvidae.
Amazon is changing our contact person again, but they seem quite interested in using our data even more. I was worried that after soundunwound they would be bailing, but in reality they are doubling down on MB. :)
I was also just invited to be on an all star panel, with Kevin from Discogs, Zoe Keating, myself, one other person. Moderated by Brian Behlendorf.
We had some issues with servers on thursday, which ianmcorvidae and I failed to document properly. :( We should talk about that particular issue after the meeting. not long, but we have a recipe for tracking that one down.
changed-mbids is live and working, but I've not made any noise about it. The headphones guy, for whom this was written, has not responded.
And then there was some massaging of search server stuff.
Looked at the stats a week ago and was horrified by the number of internal server errors, so spent some time tracking a bunch down.
Mailed Bitbucket, got a non-"Yay! Everything is yours!" response, but we carry on:


Heard back from Atlassian/Bitbucket about the finances. It's alright from a finances perspective.

One likely solution is to moving just musicbrainz-server and leaving the smaller projects on GitHub.

We're thinking things over and bringing it up again at next week's meeting.

NES musicbrainz-server reviews

ocharles will try to keep pushing NES code reviews. warp hopes to be able to catch up on reviews soon. A NES meeting will be schedules after the meeting. (Feb. 20th, 2013)

WordPress move

WordPress import worked fine:


  1. We need to look into making that into blog.mb.o - do you know how that works or should I look into it?
    • ruaok says he can do this
  2. Our current theme seems to be hacked on top of the blog, not as a real theme
    • ruaok will do a blog post on the old blog asking for help to make a proper WP theme

Decision Required's

MBS-417 children

Decision: wontfix! wontfix everywhere!


Decision: Won't fix


Decision: Won't fix


Decision: Will be resolved by NES;


Decision: Duplicate of MBS-2021.


Decision: Kill jQuery placeholder plugin.


Decision: Hardcode "UTC" into the string and be done with it.


Decision: Won't fix.

End: 21:00:56 ruaok </BANG>