Edison Labels

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Contained here are images of the various Edison labels and imprint logos.

  • Edison Records (USA and Canada)
  • Foreign Labels
    • Compania Edison Hispano Americana (South and Central America)
    • Cylindres Edison Moulés sur Or (France)
    • Edison Goldguss Walze (Germany and Bavaria)
    • Edison Records in Chinese (China, also sold in the USA)
    • Mexican National Phonograph Company (Mexico)
    • National Phonograph Company of Australia, Ltd

Edison Records 

Edison Records
Used on brown wax and early gold moulded cylinders.

Edison Standard Records
Used on later gold moulded cylinders.

Edison Amberol Records

Edison Blue Amberol Records
Used on Blue Amberol cylinders.

EdisonBlueAmberol.jpg EdisonBlueAmberol2.jpg

Edison Goldguss Walze 
EdisonGoldgussWalze.jpg EdisonGoldgussWalze2.jpg

Edison Records in Chinese 
1902 Label Reissues beginning 1903 Not Edison Records in Chinese, but the packaging used later (Amberol cylinder) for Chinese releases of mainstream Edison Records releases.
ERiC1.jpg ERiC2.jpg ERiC3.jpg