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A FeaturePage is a WikiPage that describes a feature of MusicBrainz.

The cool thing about FeaturePages is that they can start as an idea for improvement (FutureWork), can be the point of reference when the feature is implemented (CurrentWork) and later describe the completed feature (FinishedWork) or be discarded for now (DormantWork), but the FeaturePage still remains the same.


For this to work you need to choose the WikiName of the page quite carefully. Names like -improvement, -enhancement, etc. will obviously be out of date when the improvement has been implemented. So you really have to invent a name for your feature.

When you have written the page you should intertwingle it, i.e. Make WikiLinks to and from it. Especially make a link in FutureWork (if and only if we have agreed that this should be implemented or if it is a proposal to handle a problem, that we have agreed to tackle). You should also add category at the bottom of the page (usually CategoryDevelopment).

Finally, BeAGoodWikizen and sign the page with your WikiName.

For further reading I recomend to read TurningYourIdeasIntoReality, MusicBrainzDevelopment and HowToWriteFeatureSuggestions.