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Your first step is to navigate your browser to the artist's page who you would like to add the release to. If the release has more than one artist, see HowToAddAVariousArtistRelease. After you are there, click on the Add Release link near the top:


Next, you will be asked to tell MusicBrainz how many track the release will have. You will then see the add release screen:


On this screen you enter the data in. The top box, marked "A" is where you enter in the release's title. Underneath that, marked "B", is a series of boxes where you enter in the track titles. To the right, marked "C", is the column of boxes you use to enter in the track times. Advanced users can take advantage of our track parser to take care of much of this. See HowToParseTrackListings.

Below all this, marked "D" and "E", you have the album attributes. Just below at "F" you have the language and script area, for more information see ReleaseLanguage.

To the right of everything else, marked with "G", you have the guess case buttons. Each button corresponds to the text box to it's left, while the Guess All button will guess the title and all the tracks. Although guess case is well tuned, it is not a human. Keep an eye on the changes it makes to be sure they are correct.

At the bottom of that screen you will see the release event section, and your options on how to continue.


The options are pretty self explanatory, if you feel you are finished editing, click continue to progress to the next screen.

The last page will give you a chance to see the release as it will show in the datebase. Take time to carefully review it and make sure it is all correct. Underneath you have a box to enter comments in, and your final options.


If you have mistakes, click keep editing. If the release is correct, add a comment to indicate your source and provide some information for voters, and click the Add release button. Now the release can be reviewed and voted on by other MusicBrainz users, or will be automatically passed after the edit expires. In the meantime you can continue editing, or tag your files using PicardTagger.

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