History:Next Generation Schema/Bounties

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  • Auto editor elections
    • Requires: a controller, some new data models, minor schema changes (I think), templates & forms
    • aCiD2 estimates 20-30hours
  • CD Stubs
    • Requires: controller, data models, schema changes, templates, forms
    • aCiD2 estimates anywhere between 20-40 hours - I'm not really familiar with how CD Stubs work at all
  • Edit Searching
    • Requires: controller actions, forms, templates
    • aCiD2 estimates 10-20 hours. Started a restarted this enough times though... the most complex part is getting:
      • a) a clear userinterface
      • b) transforming the user data into stuff that the search routine can work with
  • Collections
    • Requires: more poking to see what we are missing, and what we have so far!
    • aCiD2 estimates between 20-30 hours, depending on how much needs to be done.
      • Viewing collections would probably take 15 or so hours, then there is the notification stuff
  • FreeDB Import
    • Requires: the release editor to be able to create new releases first
    • Estimated time is well over 40 hours to get the release editor in and then wire up freedb importing
  • Statistics
    • Requires: controllers, models, templates
    • Estimated time 10-30 hours? I don't know exactly what the stats are, but this can't be much harder than logging a few things here-and-there and then displaying it, right?