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Use Cases for Testing

Earlier in the UX phase of the release editor user interface we defined three users, each with their own use case:

Joe (simple)

A brand new user that is entering his first single artist release. Joe is new to MB and hasn't read a whole lot of guidelines - he would like to get in, get it done, and go away. Given that he wants to enter the minimum amount of data and not focus on adding lots of details. Joe has copied the track listing from Amazon.com and wants to get moving.

Sally (various artists & guess case)

A user who is entering a various artist release and wants to be lazy about capitalization. She's ok with spending a little more time making things right and adding a release date and a label. However, sally doesn't like copying text from another site. She would prefer to enter the data into separate fields.

Maggie (DJ mixed release)

A user who is entering a DJ mix set and she's found the track listing at discogs. She's not afraid to dig for more data and ensure that all the data she can find is properly covered.