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Example: Giant X'mas

  • Example from Orion, showing a Japanes one-time project as ReleaseArtist.


CD title
"3rd X'mas"
CD artist
released as "3rd X'mas featuring dream+長澤奈央+SweetS+星井七瀬+嘉陽愛子+ PARADISE GO!! GO!!+斉藤未知."
  1. "Giant X'mas~友情にリボン~"
  2. "希望の歌'05 ~Merry Christmas to you~"
  3. "Giant X'mas~友情にリボン~ (Instrumental)"
  4. "希望の歌'05 ~Merry Christmas to you~ (Instrumental)"

It's a collaboration between the groups "dream", "SweetS", & "PARADISE GO!! GO!!" with the solo artists "長澤奈央", "星井七瀬", "嘉陽愛子", & "斉藤 未知 ". 23 girls total on the song.

Also, it's "3rd X'mas" because this is their third year of doing a Christmas super collaboration. The previous two years had similar but smaller (only ~12 girls) ones

This year's one was actually less confusing because both songs were by the whole group.

Instinctive feeling is that the song artist would be "dream+長澤奈央+SweetS+星井七瀬+嘉陽愛子+PARADISE GO!! GO!!+斉藤未知" while the release artist would be "3rd X'mas featuring dream+長澤奈央+SweetS+星井七瀬+嘉陽愛子+PARADISE GO!! GO!!+斉藤未知".

Preferably it should be listed on the discographies of all these: "dream", "SweetS", & "PARADISE GO!! GO!!", "長澤奈央", "星井七瀬", "嘉 陽愛子", and "斉藤未知". In all cases it should still retain the correct attributed artist "3rd X'mas featuring dream+長澤奈央+SweetS+星井七瀬+嘉陽愛子+PARADISE GO!! GO!!+斉藤未知".

The label Avex is also confused about how to handle it, with this year's one under "3rd X'mas featuring dream+長澤奈央+SweetS+星井七瀬+嘉陽愛子+PARADISE GO!! GO!!+斉藤未知" but last year http://avexnet.jp/item/dskxx/disc/product/AVCD-30677.html is under "dream+SweetS+嘉陽愛子" in their artists list and two years ago http://avexnet.jp/item/dfsxx/disc/product/AVCD-30551.html is under "dream+フルーツポンチ+SweetS" even though all three have been released under the "xx X'mas featuring <artists>" formatting.

Lineup keeps changing each year and the year is incremented with the lineup after it with "featuring" prefixed.  The groups dream and SweetS have been in it ever year, while the first year had Fruits Punch with them, second year had Kayoh Aiko with them, and this year was them with the group PARADISE GO!!GO!! plus the solo artists Nagasawa Nao, Hoshii Nanase, Kayoh Aiko, and Saito Michi.  First year the format went: 

track 1 (all), track 2 (dream), track 3 (fruits punch), track 4 (SweetS), track 5 (instrumental of track 1), track 6 (instrumental of track 2), track 7 (instrumental of track 3), and track 8 (instrumental of track 4). Second year and this year both had just 2 songs + 2 instrumentals by the whole grouping.