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Status: This entity type was considered for NGS inclusion, but was dropped from the final NGS schema, as it was considered to make the relationship between work, recording, and track too complex for the user (who would already be facing a lot of changes with the rest of NGS).

This page describes the recording (AKA performance) object and its role in the ObjectModel.


A recording of a song's composition is the stage were the first audible representation of a composition is created and -- for our purposes more important -- recorded. This means, a recording of a song in a studio or a live performance of a song is its recording/performance. The result of a recorded performance is raw audio material that is stored for further processing.


Boundaries to the CompositionObject

When the composition is transformed to an audible representation that is recorded for later (optional) editing, it becomes a performance/recording.

Boundaries to the MixObject

If the recorded audible data is changed in any way (edited) it is no longer a recording.


Relationships to the CompositionObject

  • Each different recording is created from one composition as its source.


Relationships to the MixObject

  • The musical data that is the result of a recorded performance, can be used to create different versions or mixes of the recording. Even the so often called "album version" or "original version" is such a version or mix because it involves the editing of the raw data.


Relationships to the ArtistObject

  • A performance or recording can be done by one or more individuals or bands. Those are the performing artists of the recording. There might be recordings without a performing artist, e.g. nature sounds. This relationship defines the ../ArtistObjectRole Performer.