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On May 16 MusicBrainz will be switching over to the much anticipated Next Generation Schema (NGS). NGS is a drastic improvement over the existing MusicBrainz system that includes a much more flexible database layout and a complete re-write of all the server code. We've been planning this change for 5 years and we've been actively working on this project for over two years now. And we're finally ready to make it happen on May 16!

We have purchased a complete new set of servers to facilitate this change over; we hope that this will allow us to work out the major bugs before we unleash it on you, our end users. However, we do know that there will be problems, bugs and missing features. No system as complicated as MusicBrainz can switch over to a new system without trouble; we hope that you will bear with us as we make this massive change to MusicBrainz.

Changes to our edit system

One of the most significant things that we must prepare for is the migration of our edit system. We've spent a lot of time ensuring that we can keep all the old edits to provide a complete edit history as we have it now. But, there is one catch! We must close all the edits before we migrate the edits to the new system. Right now, two weeks before our change-over we have nearly 20,000 open edits that we need to have closed!

Fourteen days before release (May 2)

On May 2, we're going to encourage users to not enter any new edits. It will still be possible to enter new edits, but this is discouraged during this phase. We would like to get people vote on existing edits rather than adding new edits.

If at all possible, please avoid adding new edits to MusicBrainz! Any edits you enter during this timeframe have a possibility of being rejected; any edits entered before this date should close normally.

4 days before release (May 12)

On May 12, we're not going to allow users to enter any new edits that others must vote on. Auto-edits (edits that are accepted immediately) will still be permitted -- this includes submitting new PUIDs to MusicBrainz since those are not voted on.

Instead of editing, please vote on existing edits!

On release day (May 16)

On May 16, we're going to reject all open edits and start the migration to the new MusicBrainz. During this time we're going to disallow all edits -- MusicBrainz will be in full read-only mode. No further changes will be allowed until the data is properly loaded into the new MusicBrainz and everything is running smoothly. We're hoping that this state will only persist for a day, but its hard to say that we can keep to this schedule. We will work hard to make MusicBrainz available again as soon as possible.

If you're curious about what exactly we're going to be doing, you might vist our migration plan page, but we warned it won't make much sense unless you're familiar with MusicBrainz.


Q: What happens to edits that are still open when the edits are migrated?
A: They will all be rejected and users will have to re-enter them under the new system.

Q: Will MusicBrainz be available during the change-over period?
A: Yes, MusicBrainz will be available the whole time we're changing over. We may not be accepting new edits, but you can still use the MusicBrainz web pages or your favorite MusicBrainz enabled application. See above for details on what you can do when.

Q: How long will MusicBrainz be unavailable for the actual switch over?
A: Once we have migrated the data, we hope for the switch to NGS to be instant. However, we can't guarantee this -- there may be some downtime. We're going to work very hard to avoid any downtime at all.