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Changelog for the 2006-12-17 Server Release

List of new features and bug-fixes in the 2006-12-17 server release.

New Features

  • URLs can be edited, instead of having to be removed and readded.
  • Integrated FreeDB search and new annotation search.
  • FreeDB import now uses TrackType.org (formerly [freedb2.org])
  • New edit type to recalculate track durations from a DiscID.
  • "Add Artist" edits are now autoedits for all editors (including non-autoeditors).
  • New option/preference to receive e-mail when an editor votes against one of your edits.
  • New ReleaseStatus "Pseudo-Release".

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed adding of edit notes to "Release Event"-related edits.
  • Updated JavaScript parser for Amazon URLs.
  • Fixed parsing of data from replication packets. It shouldn't crash on long annotations anymore.
  • Fixed FreeDB lookups during adding of a new release.
  • Fixed broken encodings button during FreeDB imports.
  • Fixed adding of new tracks from the release editor.
  • complete list of fixed bugs

Search Changes

  • Support paging to see all possible search results
  • Search indexes now support unaccenting of characters, so that a search for Bjork finds Björk
  • Fixed the search logic so that artist names, sortnames and aliases are searched coherently all at the same time
  • Implemented an "advanced search" that allows using of lucene syntax, otherwise searches are carried out as literally as possible.
  • Removed the old "search on" flags

Web Service Changes

XML Web Service changes:

  • Fixed a number of problems with release collections and its filters.
  • Collection searches now bind all search terms and filters with AND logic. This will tighten the search results returned by the web service.
  • Added more filters to collection searches:
    • All collection searches now support:
      • query - A lucene search query. If this is given, then all other collection/filter arguments are ignored.
      • offset - Return search results starting at a given offset. Used for paging through more than one page of results.
    • /ws/1/track collections now support:
      • count - number of tracks on the release
      • releasetype - the type of the release this track appears on
    • /ws/1/release/ collections now support:
      • count - number of tracks in the release
      • discids - number of cd ids for the release
      • date - earliest release date for the release
      • asin - the Amazon ASIN for
      • lang - The language for this release
      • script - The script used this release

RDF Web Service changes:

  • No longer indent the RDF to be human readable. RDF is already not human readable enough and removing spaces will not make it much harder, but it will save us up to 10% of bandwidth for RDF Web Service requests. (That might save us 5%-8% of bandwidth overall!)

Other Changes

  • Removed dependency on some unneeded Perl modules.
  • Changed dependencies so that a minimal database install, a medium install or a full install can be carried out. A minimal "database only" can now be don with as little as THREE perl modules.
  • Updated and cleaned up the INSTALL file

Detailed bug list

For a complete history of the bugs fixed for this release: