History:Server Release Notes/20090524

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List of new features and bug-fixes in the 2009-05-24 server release.

New Features

  • Release groups.
  • ISRC support.
  • WikiDocs now uses new MediaWiki wiki.
  • The sidebar search now uses a drop-down and has both advanced and direct search options.

Fixed Bugs

Search Changes

  • Add support for searching CD Stubs and Release Groups.
  • Date when index was created is now shown at the bottom of search results. (This will appear on all indexes within 24 hours)
  • Most of the open bugs for the search servers have been fixed. See the complete list of bugs

Web Service Changes

  • A new release-group resource has been added to support release groups.
  • POSTing to the track resource now allows submitting ISRCs. See the Web Service documentation for details.
  • CD Stubs can be excluded from a CD lookup. See the Web Service documentation for details.

Schema Changes

  • Added new release_group and release_group_meta tables for the release groups.
  • Added a new isrc table for support of ISRCs.

Detailed bug list

For a complete history of the bugs fixed for this release: