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Me love! Especially I love the series proposal if it would mean that we would dump the volume number style guideline (which is used for keeping releases in a series together even if their names don't really imply it). //bnw

"Group" vs "Band"

Re: Entities, related concepts: what's the difference between "Group" and "Band?" Also, I think it'd be nice to have Collaboration, too. I'd also like to see a UPC and ISBN AR link for releases. ojnkpjg

  • A "Group" is a more general term. A band is a group as is an orchestra, but an orchestra is not a band. Though these related concepts list was not meant to be exclusive, I just wanted to list some terms that are used yet and are related to the Artist entity and perhaps could lead to some discussion about more subtypes of this entity. I don't think we need an entity for UPC or ISBNs. In ReleaseDataSet I wrote another proposal that covers this. --Shepard