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Let me see if I understand this theory. MusicBrainz wants to improve the quality of edits and/or reduce the number of edits by introducing additional edits that require very subjective decisions wrt. quality. At first blush, I'm skeptical. I also note the DataQuality page doesn't give any guidance how to measure quality. Should a high-quality album release contain, at minimum, a full year-month-day release event for the artist's home country and a full set of Track-Track and Track-Artist relationships for every applicable track? On the other hand, I see definite value to the "low quality" mode for new entries. Is this the default quality for new entries? If so, perhaps there could be an automatic RaiseDataQuality edit based on age. --dkg

A question on Data Quality: If edits are outstanding when a data quality change takes place, 1) do those edits get treated to the voting rules for the initial data quality, or the resulting data quality? 2) Irregardless of how it's treated now, which set of rules should apply to these edits? -- BrianSchweitzer 13:49, 21 November 2007 (UTC)