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Support Groups

Brainstorm for a Name

(just add to the list, no negative comments)

  • Esperanza
  • CupOfHope
  • RentAMoose - inspired by our unofficial mascot; expresses that you "rent" a mediator/helper when you have problems.
  • I would hope we could find a music-related name; a bit of searching turned up GleeClub, which I like quite a bit @alex
  • Another music related idea: Are there songs titles that inspire you with hope?
  • WhatWouldTheMooseDo
  • While we're at it, we could probably use a name for the bug triage group as well; I thought of PianoTuners...
  • The GentleMoose or the KindlyMoose - This strengthens the aspect that these people offer help, instead of people "renting" their services, and it shows that moose are friendly creatures :-)
    • I think some of you never met a real moose! They're scary! Meanwhile, I would like to start writing up a guide to 'how to go about bug triaging', but I've been hampered by fear of the wiki and getting growled at for picking a bad WikiName. So I'm gonna start it offline, but could someone like, choose a name already? -- KrazyKiwi