History:How To Add A TOC With Easy CD-DA Extractor

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First, load Easy CD-DA Extractor version 11.0.3 (build 2) or higher.

Next load your audio CD. Easy CD-DA Extractor will automatically attempt to query the freedb database for the CD's information.


Notice that, as indicated by the red circles in the screenshot, freedb currently shows at least one lookup result, but MusicBrainz does not. Now, we want MusicBrainz data, as we all know how much better that data is, so click on the MusicBrainz logo.


Notice that the MusicBrainz text now has a number next to it as well, indicating that at least one CD toc match was found at MusicBrainz. If you click on the arrow to the right of the logo, you can see that the MusicBrainz data now is selected, so that data is the data Easy CD-DA Extractor is now using for your CD.

Ok, that was easy. But what if you click on the MusicBrainz logo and still no number shows up?


This means that MusicBrainz does not yet have the CD toc for your CD in the database. In many cases, however, the release already is in the database, you just need to add your CD's toc so Easy CD-DA Extractor (and other CD lookup programs) can find it.

EasyCDDA04.jpg EasyCDDA05.jpg

In the MusicBrainz menu up top, select the Submit option. This will send the toc to your browser, so that you can add the toc. (If you don't have an account at MusicBrainz yet, you will first need to go to the site and create one - it's free!)


Once you have an account, and are logged in, when you select "Submit" in Easy CD-DA Extractor, you will see something similar to this load in your browser.

You can now search for your CD either using the CD title:



or the Artist's name:




Either way, once you have found the correct release, click on the little arrow in the top left of the orange title bar to expand out the release. Take a look and make sure it is the right CD - are the tracks in the right order? Are the track times within a few seconds of your CD?


Once you're sure you have found the correct release for your CD, click on the "Select release" button.


(If you have looked and your CD does not appear to yet be in the database, it is most likely not yet in the database. You will need to enter it before you can add your CD's toc. Scroll a little further down the page and add your CD using the "Enter new release" option.)


You now will be taken to that release's page - notice the indicator message up top. Congratulations, you've now added that CD toc!


Now switch back to Easy CD-DA Extractor and again click the MusicBrainz logo. Notice that now a number does appear next to the MusicBrainz text, and the MusicBrainz data loads into Easy CD-DA Extractor. You're all done! :)