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MusicBrainz has entries for artists who perform in many languages from all over the world. Some of them are listed here. Eventually, it should be possible to record the native language and home country of an artist in the MusicBrainz database itself, and these pages will become redundant. Many of these lists have been replaced by tags.

Of particular note for Internationalization are artists whose names and titles of works are in non-Latin alphabets.

Other Resources

The Wikipedia list of Musical Groups by Nationality is useful for non-English artists; please remember, however, that these pages are organized by language not by nation.

If you are working to update any of these entries, there are Online Translators that may be helpful; some even provide transliteration, which is especially useful for Artist Names.

If you know of any artist that should be listed under one of these, but you do not know which you might want to try to Tell Similar Languages Apart