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Jay Tennant is a Warwickshire-based indie-rock singer-songwriter with a rich melodic voice and many stories to tell. After 10 years spent fronting a number of exciting bands across the Midlands, he is channelling his experience and keen ear for a sweet melody into a set of personal solo songs that explore different moods and each tell a different story about the human condition. Jay is currently recording a few tracks to form the basis of a first EP and is planning some acoustic gigs for 2016.

Press:- "What a great song 'Winterborn' is. I can really hear the Ashcroft at the heart of it." (The Record Covers)

"'Winterborn' is a strong track reminiscent of Noel Gallagher..." (JS Music)

Download the music here:- [1] [2] [3]

Watch the videos here:- [4]