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Jim DeLaHunt [ MB: Editor:Jim DeLaHunt | IRC: none yet | Wiki: JimDeLaHunt | none yet | ]
I live in Vancouver, Canada. Our family has a collection of some 500 CDs which are gradually being ripped, encoded, and tagged. Most are opera and classical, but there are other genres in there too.... I really care about having accurate metadata on my opera tracks, because that's an important part of having it show up well in the music players.
more bio... Languages: English, 日本語, etwas Deutsch, un peu de Français, un poco de español.

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What I'm seized of at MusicBrainz

  • Get good metadata tags for the CD collection I'm ripping.
  • Figure out how enter metadata for my CD collection efficiently.
  • Share my Ingestion Workflow.
  • Picard to provide access to Works-related Artists when tagging Tracks, e.g. symphony composer (enhancement request)
  • How to enter metadata for opera DVD, with music as 38 chapters (= Tracks)?
  • Brevity plugin for Picard: replace verbose MB standard strings in TrackTitles with briefer strings.
  • Store multiple language alternatives for opera and classical Track Titles and Release Titles.
    • e.g. Be able to choose Italian, English, German, Japanese conventions for classical music act, scene, tempo designators, or Artist names.
    • Tchaikovsky vs Tschaikowski vs Чайковский
    • Let user choose the conventions and script they want at tagging time

Interesting stuff

Links to some of my essays or other projects that might be of general interest.


I have an Archive Page which links to some of my past writings, for future reference.

If anything is linking to the section headers below, it should update its links to point to children of the Archive Page.

Past "what I am siezed of" topics

  • Partial Works Relationship Inheritance (Wiki proposal: RFC-339 Relationship Inheritance in Works Trees).
    • Follow-on RFC for changes to Parts Relationship Type, see RFC-339 Talk page
    • Follow-on RFC for changes to Work, see RFC-339 Talk page
    • Partial Works Relationship Inheritance support in Picard (enhancement request)
    • Partial Works Relationship Inheritance support in searching involving Works (enhancement request)
    • Partial Works Relationship Inheritance support in listing Works of an Artist (enhancement request)
  • Add note to description page of each Work AR, that AR should be attached as close to root of graph as possible, and not to put in redundant ARs throughout the hierarchy. Ref [1]. Contingent on RFC-339 passing. JimDeLaHunt 06:27, 29 October 2011 (UTC)
  • Document and release my Work Title Assembler spreadsheet
  • How to relate MBworks for fragments of Opera and Classical Music to Recordings and Tracks. (Style proposal)
    • Clarify Parts Relationship Type: does it apply just to movements, or to arbitrary segments of opera as found on tracks of Releases?
    • Report on i Capuleti MBWork and Parts relationship experiment: Practical Observations on Opera Tracks and Work entities.
    • Should there be a separate AdvancedRelationship for "contiguous fragment of parent MBWork, but not on composer-defined act or scene boundaries", to mark MBWorks that correspond to real-life Tracks of opera Releases? Or can we re-use the Parts relationship?
    • Parts Relationship Type is in Alternative Version Relationship Class but should perhaps be in a new Partial Works Relationship Class. It would be relationships in this class which trigger Partial Works Relationship Inheritance.
  • Adopt style rules which set up MBWorks to make Classical Style Guide compliance much easier.
  • Works Editor including tree of partial works (acts, scenes, arias) (web server enhancement request)
    • Could also be implemented as an external editor, if the Web Services API allows that much latitude
    • It takes 16 UI actions (clicks, field entries, etc) to create one MBwork entry for a fragment of a composition, and link it to a parent MBWork. Operas can have dozens of such child MBworks. The I Capuleti example has about 38 IIRC.
  • Works-Recording-Track editor (web server enhancement request)
    • Purpose: make it easier to add recordings of opera and classical compositions, starting with either linking to existing MBWorks or adding MBWorks correctly, and then deriving Recording and Track and Release entries from the MBWorks.
  • Create a structure from which editor software can construct a partial-composition Title string from the parent MBwork title, the child MBWork title, and relationship attributes (web server enhancement request, style guideline, AdvancedRelationship extension)
    • Augment MBWorks composition and partial composition tree to include act, scene, movement, aria number fields
    • Also add a field to partial=composition AdvancedRelationship to construct a partial-composition Title string from the parent MBwork title, the child MBWork title, the act, scene, etc number, etc.
    • Makes it easier to enter child MBWork titles, lets the software help get the CSG compliance right.
    • Takes MB a step closer to supporting language alternatives for Track Titles.
  • Populate the missing Work - X Relationship Family pages.
  • Change "track" to "work" in Medley Relationship Type description (style proposal)
  • Improving documentation of existing features. Write howto documents recording what I've learned.
  • Maybe write some better data entry UIs or bots to systematically clean up existing data.
  • Look at the ObjectModel and notions like work (composition) as applicable to ClassicalMusic, OperaMusic and MusicalTheatre.
  • Figure out what MusicBrainz is trying to be: "This site is intended to be a free, on-line encyclopedia of music information." (GeneralFAQ), but that still leaves me with questions.
  • Is MB attempting to build a database of true facts and relationships about music separate from particular recordings, and/or a database of facts and relationships about recordings, and/or a service that produces useful metadata tags for digital music files?

Setting up a private server: log

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Exploring AdvancedRelationship statistics

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