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JosephAli Trance Producer & Remixer from Turkey. He was born 24 September 1987 in Turkey İstanbul. He was very enthusiastic about music when he was little. He started his first music education at 2002 at the age of 15 with the of Azerbaijani Tar instrument. Besides, he started to take Piano education., He concluded his trainings with a successful result. After completing his music education at 2009, he continued his enthusiasm for music and continued his studies.

About Producing

Later he began to listen Trance music. This music style, which he listened to by many famous names, brought him closer. He understood that, trance music was influenced him. His connection to trance music, invited him to be produce a Trance music. After a few years of work, he began to produce a few single music. He at 2012 start sign own music's with several labels. He is well known for his early releases like "Take Me Away", "Night" and "Lonely" as well as his remixes for several other artists and groups. As well as many well-known producers and DJs start to support him.

Music Careers

He managed to add his own music to the music lists of famous producers. His music's supported on the Orchestrance episode's, Uplifting Only, Dj Phalanx, The Best Of Pulsar, Pulsar Stars Vol.2, Best Of Trancer 2017 e.t.c..,,

Music Career (2012 - 2013)

Dream Love - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Love Sadness - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Life is Beautiful - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Fall in Love - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Dreams - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

I Miss You - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Without You - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Conquest - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Clouds - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Winter Rain - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Goodbye - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Memories - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Music Career (2014 - 2015)

Emotions - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Eternal Love - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Real Dreams - JospehAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

See You Again - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Red Alfa Records]

Persian Night JosephAli (Original Mix) [Linger Records]

Shadows - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Soul Waves Music]

Shadows - BluSkay Remix [Soul Waves Music]

Shadows - Tolga Üzülmez Remix [Soul Waves Music]

Shadows - Ico Remix [Soul Waves Music]

Lonely - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Linger Records]

Lonely - Tranceangel Remix [Linger Records]

Lonely - Manida Remix [Linger Records]

Lonely - Phil Dinner Remix [Linger Records]

Lonely - Leksin Remix [Linger Records]

Lonely - Radio Edit [Linger Records]

Believe Me - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Mashbuk Records]

Snowflake - Sound Diver (JosephAli Remix) [Soul Waves Music]

Neapolis - BHB (JosephAli Remix) [Sky Academy Records]

Gaza - Luke PN, Dj Massymo TN (JosephAli Remix) [Soul Waves Music]

Turana - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Unreleased]

Universe - JosephAli (Preview Versione) [Unreleased]

Sor - Atiye (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

Exodus Gods & Kings (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

Take Me Away - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]

Take Me Away - JosephAli (Flowing Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]

Take Me Away - Andy Groove Remix [Pulsar Recordings]

Take Me Away - Derek Palmer Remix [Pulsar Recordings]

You Got The Light - Simon Moon, Rita Raga (JosephAli Remix) [Sundance Records]

Music Career (2016 - 2017 - 2018)

Night - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Pulsar Recordings]

Momentum - Tobia F Weber & Marco Mc Neil (JosephAli Remix) [Sundance Records]

Singularity - Bernis (JosephAli Remix) [Sundance Records]

Something ın My Heart - Röyksopp (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

What About Us - P!nk (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

New World - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Trancer Recordings]

New World - Nascent Nova Remix [Trancer Recordings]

New World - Etasonic Remix [Trancer Recordings]

Samira - JosephAli (Original Mix) [State Control Records]

Music Career (2019)

Warning Shot - Jordan Tariff (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

Street of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen (JosephAli Remix) [Unreleased]

Luna - JosephAli (Original Mix) [Levitated Music] {[Abora Recordings]}