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This page aims at collecting various information, links and resources useful to editors who focus on editing and researching on Labels.

General information


Global market share overview.

External resources

The following sites are useful to find labels homepages:

Wikipedia has an extensive labels list, and a lot of articles:

Discogs of course might prove useful: Discogs

This Discogs thread lists some LabelCodes.

This german wikipedia article has a lot of LabelCodes too.

UPFI This French page lists all the labels that belongs to the "Union des Producteurs phonographiques Français Indépendants". Information about most of the French independent labels can be found on this page.

Genre oriented resources


MusicBrainz Metadata

There have been in the past preliminary attempts at consolidating data about labels prior to the introduction of labels into the database. Most of their content should be migrated into the database now. They are to be found here:

  • CatalogCode providing some catalog schemes
  • Jazz/Labels providing information/links/catalogs for a number of jazz oriented labels