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Note: this vocabulary is mostly used in the IRC channel as this is where users talk most laxly. Naturally, references to popular memes both old and new are also used.

Slang used by the users in MusicBrainz


Definition: Don't feel offended if someone calls you asshat. It just means they like you. :)

  • It certainly does not, asshat. --SenRepus

Origin: SenRepus


Definition: Stands for BookBrainz - a new type Database concocted by reosarevok, ianmcorvidae, leftmost cat and being coded by ocharles as a pet project (and some guys learning you a Haskell)

also see:


  • warp: what's BB?
  • Leftmost: Something amazing!
  • CatCat: BookBrainz



Definition: Used to describe incorrect edits, albums, ...

Example: "This album is completely bogus!"

Origin: CatCat


Definition: something which is broken or not working

Example: ruaok: yes, if we bork the upgrade, we have 15 minutes to figure out what's wrong. :-)

Origin: Ruaok


Definition: Most important thingy for the brainerz. Like a currency. Everyone wants it! Even the MB-group leader election on was decided on the chocolate issue.

Origin: Nikki


Definition: originating from AdultSwim Show Metalocalypse, this is used to denote when somethings sucks or ams dumb.

Example: "well, that's dildos"

Origin: CatCat


Definition: Meaning "Exactly!", "You got it!", "Good point!".

Origin: Ruaok


Definition: Something which is odd or not quite right. Also an alternative for bogus.

Origin: Nikki


Definition: Something that is wrong, stupid or borked. also see win below

Origin: it was muz or fauxfaux, I don't remember

grudge no-vote/no-voting

Definition: action to systematically NO vote someone else's edits for reasons entirely unrelated to the edits themselves, meant as some sort of punishment or revenge. Note this of course is considered extremely bad behavior :-) and no one serious about the database would ever engage into that.

Origin: dmppanda, to qualify some specially displeasing newcomer (or was TeleGUISE the first to use the term?)


Definition: Laugh On the Inside

Origin: from


Definition: Norwegian for "night".

Example: "natta all"

Origin: CatCat


Definition: Acronym for NextGenerationSchema, the new database schema.

Alternate Definition: "magic thing that solved everything someday in the past... oh wait"

Origin: <unknown>

shake your head like inhouseuk

Definition: a statement of disbelief or bafflement, as performed in the manner of inhouseuk.

Example: * inhouseuk shakes his head
* ruaok shakes his head like inhouse

Origin: inhouseuk! Ruaok


Definition: stands for "Stand Alone Track" however since NGS happen, Stand Alone Recording is used (ergo SAR)

Origin: CatCat


Definition: You know... thingy!

Origin: Nikki


Definition: Form of greeting that came up because MB being an international project and the people contributing live in different time-zones so a daytime used as greetings does not apply for everyone.

Origin: Nikki


Definition: Name of the old library used for tagging audio files ("Pimp my tunes" -> "Pimp my ride").

Origin: Ruaok


Definition Arms in the air, happy man, hugs, etcetra.

Example: "that was completely fail \o/"

Variations: /o\ arms down, _o/ waving, \o waving hello, \o\ /o/ doing the wave or dancing.

Origin: warp