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Other work to do

Note: All are listed in order of priority:

'Must have' features

  1. User management
    1. Registration
    2. Password management
    3. Profiles
    4. Editing profiles
    5. Editing preferences
    6. Emailing editors through the website
    7. Subscriptions
  2. Web service (v1 and v2)
  3. Search server update for NGS
  4. AR Tree Editor
  5. AR Attribute Editor
  6. Transclusion Editor
  7. Editor search
  8. Auto editor elections
  9. Browse functions
  10. CD Stubs
  11. FreeDB import
  12. Collections (core)
  13. Collections (notification, missing releases)
  14. Reporting: core
  15. Reporting: Port reports
  16. Statistics (collecting of)

'Could release without if we have to' features

  1. Statistics (viewing of)
  2. Timeline
  3. Dashboard
  4. Delete user page
  5. Data quality handling

September 15th mini-milestone

  • Release editor
    • Edit everything about the release - all attributes in Entity::Release
    • Edit existing mediums (Entity::Medium) and edit current tracks in the tracklist
    • Edit types for creating/deleting/moving tracks in tracklist. No guarantee on an interface though
  • Other work
    • Stash fully working as expected,
    • Support for cancelling edits and approving edits
    • Ability to enter edit notes with email notifications -- Pending review

Small tasks

  • Customize 404 pages
  • Link all the edit pages together

Missing controller actions

  • /(artist|label|recording|release|release_group_work)/change-quality -- Change data quality for entities
    • Needs a new role (Controller::QualityRole), form, template and edit handler
  • /annotation/edit/<id>/ -- Support editing a specific revision of an annotation
    • Just needs an action
  • /annotation/history -- View history of annotations
    • Action and templates, maybe some model code
  • /artist/import -- FreeDB Import
    • Needs a lot of thought on how to approach this
  • /alias/(add|edit|delete) -- Add new alias
    • Needs edit types, actions (in Controller::AliasRole), templates and forms
  • Auto-editor elections (entirety)
  • /recording/edit
    • Need actions, forms, templates and edit handler
  • /recording/move
    • Need actions, forms, edit handler and templates
  • /release/move
    • Need actions, forms, edit handler and templates
  • /release_group/move
    • Need actions, forms, edit handler and templates
  • /work/edit
    • Need actions, forms, edit handler and templates -- pending review
  • /search/external
    • External web searching