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Example: Les Chants Magnétiques

  • Example by LukasLalinsky on IRC, showing two localized variants of one album.
luks donredman: if you want more examples, http://musicbrainz.org/track/9be92e03-47d1-4f61-a045-caa5ddcd5f84.html and http://musicbrainz.org/track/1b7be9fe-fbeb-4941-b1f7-7eaf9fa9f99e.html
donredman luks: oh, that is a good one, this seems to be two localized variants of the same album, right? They even have different album titles
luks yes, two localized version of the album
donredman note that the frenc version contains a very fine pun, that is untranslated (or even translatable?) in english
luks but the titles are not a translations
luks "Magnetic Fields" != "Les Chants Magnétiques"
luks or to be more specific "fields" != "chants"
donredman is it not the same 'work', nonetheless?
luks it's the same work
luks just different titles
donredman that one is perfect, thanks!