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Example: Three Works for Jazz Soloists and Symphony Orchestra by Don Sebsky

  • from yllona I found on the chatlog.

I have no clue, whether this one is complicated or not, the way I undertand it it is a pretty vanilla thing. Some compositions are based upon other compositions and two tracks must somehow be listed as parts of one work, that's it. Or did I misunderstand something? --DonRedman

IIUC this is

album title
Three Works for Jazz Soloists and Symphony Orchestra
album artist
Don Sebesky
  1. Bird and Bela in BB: 1st Movement
  2. Bird and Bela in BB: 2nd & 3rd Movement
  3. The Rite of Spring
  4. Sebastian's Theme

If I read allmusic and amazon correctly, the composer of all songs is Sebsky, but his compositions are _based_ on works of Bartok (1&2), Stravinsky (3), and Bach (4).

Note that MB should be able to group 1 and 2 under the work "Bird and Bela in Bb".

The following is true for both the album and each individual track:

Performer (orchestra)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Harry Rabinowitz
Performer (guitar)
Joe Beck
Performer (trumpet)
Jon Faddis
Performer: (trombone)
Bob Brookmeyer

and more?

See the (heavily edited) Chatlog for details: