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  • from Lauri Watts.

Here's one that's quite similar to the ../QeenPlatinumCollectionExample, but might be useful anyway:

Album Artist
Gyllene Tider

The following standalone albums:

Were all re-released in a "Kompakta Tider" box set in 1990 along with one more disc:

Which is only part of this box set.

Then later in 2004 for the bands 25th anniversary each of the above albums were remastered and re-released in digipack format, except for the album Gyllene Tider, which had also been re-released separately in 2000 (apparently that master was reused in 2004) and the Parkliv album (EP?) which was not re-released, it's only available if you can find a copy of that 1990 box set.

These are currently all in the system only once, and although I've put some of this in annotations, I kind of left it half done, because I have no idea how to really make it clear how the releases relate to each other currently.

Issues to be solved

  • All three versions of the album should be different entities in the database:
    • the four original releases
    • the five-disc box set
    • the four remasters
  • It should be clear that the audio of the original releases and the box set is the same, while the remasters contain other audio.
  • the albums should be related to each other, nonetheless.