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Example: ZONE with Girlz&Boyz~Run Time All Stars~

  • by Orion, showing varying and vague artist collaboration that had only this one release.

(note that I could not get all japanese characters to show up correctly [esp. コーラス])

CD artist
ZONE with Girlz&Boyz~Run Time All Stars~
CD title
ASTRO Girlz&Boyz
Track title and artist info
Nr. Title Artist
1. 科学の子 西村朝香(コーラス:AYUKA、HITOMI、MAMI)
2. 空を越えて 神&瞬矢from BON'Z(コーラス:SANAE)
3. 星の彼方 半澤悠&栞
4. アトムの子 TAKAYO from ZONE&Run Time All Stars
5. 誕生 鈴の音(コーラス:Run Time All Stars)
6. 鉄腕アトム ZONE&Run Time All Stars
7. 鉄腕アトム (Instrumental)


Run Time is a production company with various groups and solo artists managed and trained under it. ZONE is pretty much the only big artist they've made so far.

  • Track 1 has Nishimura Tomoka (西村朝香) as the artist with 3 misc younger members of the company as backup but not included in the track artist. To make things fun, she wasn't a member of Zone when this single came out but did join at the beginning of 2004 when one left at the end of 2003 until they broke up completely earlier this year.
  • Track 2 has two members of the group BON'Z credited with the group's name as part of it (神&瞬矢from BON'Z). Some random younger girl thrown in again on the chorus but not credited in the artist.
  • Track 3 is credited to two random girls from Run Time's stable (半澤悠&栞).
  • Track 4 is 1 member of Zone + a whole herd of misc younger members of Run Time that were credited as "Run Time All Stars"
  • Track 5 was a short lived 2 person group (鈴の音) from Run Time with the all stars doing the chorus but not in the artist credit.
  • Track 6 is ZONE & the "Run Time All Stars" herd
  • Track 7 is the instrumental to that.

It's often listed as a ZONE single since it starts with their name and they're the only fairly popular artist on it.

I remember this CD giving me a headache when I got it... And I think I just got a new one trying to explain it.


Specific issues that are problematic:

  • When one or two members from a band perform solo and are credited with the bands name so that people recognize them, how do we indicate this?
  • how do you credit the artist the CD was released under "ZONE with Girlz&Boyz~Run Time All Stars~" when that name wasn't used except on this release and wasn't the artist for a single track.
  • how to deal with collaboration artists like the one on track 3, where, as far as I'm aware and can find on google, neither participant has released anything else. The analogy to the ever useful David Bowie and Queen collaboration would be if neither Bowie nor Queen had ever released anything besides that one song and it were to have been on a Prince album.

Under which Discographies to File this Release

In real life it is listed ike this: ZONE is the only one who's label lists it http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/SR/Zone/m_disco_album.html That could be partially because they were on Sony (and so is the CD) while BON'Z didn't get signed until this year and are on UMG http://www.universal-music.co.jp/bonz/ and 鈴の音 only had one release ever, a week after this CD came out that appears to have been on a small indie label attached to Run Time.

In MusicBrainz the CD artist should be either "ZONE" or "ZONE with Girlz&Boyz~Run Time All Stars~" with it appearing in the ZONE, 鈴の音, and probably the BON'Z discographies as VA releases.

Can the stable girls be ignored? This might not be safe, Run Time seems to have aspirations of turning their stable into ones like those of Johnnys Entertainment and Up Front Agency, both of which have herds of young singers that appear as background and chorus singers and dancers in concerts and live TV performances.

They generally move them out into actual groups and solo careers as they get old enough and good enough. The herd that got summed up as "Run Time All Stars" can still be safely ignored but at least one of the ones that got listed by name as a chorus singer is now in an actual group http://www.runtime.co.jp/w_maria/maria_pr.html and will probably get solo songs eventually.