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A place is a building or outdoor area used for performing or producing music.


Style guidelines

Please see the guidelines for places.

Place properties


The place name is the official name of a place.


The type categorises the place based on its primary function. The possible values are:

A place designed for non-live production of music, typically a recording studio.
A place that has live artistic performances as one of its primary functions, such as a concert hall.
A place whose main purpose is to host outdoor sport events, typically consisting of a pitch surrounded by a structure for spectators with no roof, or a roof which can be retracted.
Indoor arena
A place consisting of a large enclosed area with a central event space surrounded by tiered seating for spectators, which can be used for indoor sports, concerts and other entertainment events.
Religious building
A place mostly designed and used for religious purposes, like a church, cathedral or synagogue.
Educational institution
A school, university or other similar educational institution (especially, but not only, one where music is taught)
Pressing plant
A place (generally a factory) at which physical media are manufactured.
Anything which does not fit into the above categories.


The address describes the location of the place using the standard addressing format for the country it is located in.

Coordinates (latitude and longitude)

The latitude and longitude describe the location of the place using geographic coordinates.


The area links to the area, such as the city, in which the place is located.

Begin and end dates

The begin and end dates indicate when a place was founded and closed down.


Aliases are alternate names for a place, which currently have two main functions: localised names and search hints. Localised names are used to store the official names used in different languages and countries. These use the locale field to identify which language or country the name is for. Search hints are used to help both users and the server when searching and can be a number of things including alternate names, nicknames or even misspellings.


See the page about MBIDs for more information.

Disambiguation comment

See the page about disambiguation comments for more information.


See the page about annotations for more information.