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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

Comments, Thoughts and Notes on the Schema for Version 2

Status: This document has not been updated since 2001. At that time Schema2 was the name for what is now implemented as AdvancedRelationships, any further changes are discussed in NextGenerationSchema. This page is thus of historical interest only.

On the 3rd MB meeting in Delft on Nov 2001 the technique of IndirectTableReferencing was suggested. This method will be used to add date/time stamps, URLs, and Roles to the MB database. This document is from even before this meeting.

Things to Model

The more data that goes into Schema1, the more we come across things which could be modelled better in Schema2. Most of these currently occur as discussions on musicbrainz-users. This is a place to keep track of them. A kind of evolutionary requirements document which is a little bit easier to deal with than trawling the list archives.

Perhaps a good conceptual goal would be database inclusion of nearly every standard ID3v2 frame, with a programmatic framework for adding custom frames to MP3s, including TRM, etc. Here is a list of the entire frameset: http://www.id3.org/frames.html Some that stick out in my mind as useful are the tags meant for working with Classical music, and remixed music, as well as embedded license metadata. Lots of good stuff in there. Eventually, it would be great if MusicBrainz could populate nearly every one of those fields with information via the tagger. -- Phidauex