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A MB moderator from Finland, Helsinki. I was born 1972, I have a passion for heavy music, but all kinds of music is on my plate.

I used to sing/growl in a death metal band called Abhorrence. I've written about music for abour 15 years now, first to a now defunct Suomi Finland Perkele metal magazine, later to several other magazines and websites as a freelancer.

I work for, which is a finnish music event/gig portal for related information.

In regard to MB I mostly concentrate on metal, especially to heavier side of it, such as Doom metal (in all of its sub-genres) and Stonerrock, but listen to all kinds of music (with the exception of euro techno and all passionless tailor made music aimed at profit only).

Currently working with in MB

My adds are very sporadic, due to not having time.

I mean to:

  • Slowly add more obscure and older band info and releases
  • Add new releases as I get them, promotional and other wise
  • Keeping an eye on the bands that I've done work in

To do when I have time

  • Going through my records collection (thousands of CDs/vinyls/MDs/MCs) and adding their TOC's and information
  • Adding PUIDs to songs/albums


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