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How should We Are Scientists' Crap Attack be called? It's a release containing one CD and one DVD. Should the CD be titled by its proper name of "Crap Attack (disc 1: B-Sides, Remixes and Rarities)" when there is no 'disc 2' listed? Or "Crap Attack: B-Sides, Remixes and Rarities" as if it's a subtitle? Or just "Crap Attack"? thewilkybarkid

  • As long as the DVD is mentioned in the album annotation, I don't think the disc number is required in that instance, so I'd use "Crap Attack: B-Sides, Remixes and Rarities".

Disc numbers tend to refer to CDs, but what about vinyl? Should we use disc numbers if an album is short enough to fit on one CD, but released on two pieces of vinyl as if it's a double album? For example, should the double vinyl version of Radiohead's "OK Computer" (released in a gatefold sleeve) be listed separately to the single CD that contains the same tracks? My personal preference would be not to list the vinyl discs separately, but I've seen this format used. ArtySmokes

  • Please read MultiDiscRelease. Disc refers to any media, not only cd. So, yes, multi-vinyl sets do use a "disc" information. It has nothing to do with the length of the record, if it would fit on a CDr 80, etc. -- dmppanda 12:05, 05 July 2007 (UTC)

Overloading DiscNumbers for singles seems a bad idea to me, it is completely different to multi disc releases. Better would be something like ( Version 1) and (Version 2) to differentiate between two different versions of a single, and this would be useful to differentiate singles when there is no disc no on the sleeve as well. i.e Cribs release almost all the singles in two different 7" vinyl but you cant distinguish between the two just by looking at the list of releases for the band. ijabz

Comment: The wording of point 3, "Bonus Discs", above, is unclear: If you interpret the instruction "For a BonusDisc, apply the above guidelines, only using "bonus disc" in place of "disc"" literally, you end up with "bonus disc x" (where x is a number); however the examples seem to show that just "bonus disc" (without a number) is correct. The wording of 3 should thus be changed to "...only using "bonus disc" in place of "disc x"". (In this case however, the guidelines leave it unclear what should be done if there is more that one bonus disc...)

  • Updated! Since BonusDisc's aren't usually ordered, but are usually titled, we wouldn't number them, just use the title to identify. Gecks