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The entry День радио is a good example for a special case. How about artists that use different performance names for one album? Are those considered fictitious artists then or just performance names? (Not so important now of course as we don't have any special guidelines). Two similar examples: Mick's Tape (Mixed by Cassetteboy), filled with aliases by Cassetteboy. Or take Sleepingroom, Volume 1 by Schiller. I did not yet convert it to VariousArtists because I'm not sure about this one. The cover lists this as VA with different TrackArtists actually but the tracks are likely to be all done by the same person (I guess to promote his label). --Shepard

For a general discussion if and how these artists should be used, see edit #8058566. --MClemo

There's been some discussion on the Mailing List.

Here's another weird issue (or a whole set of them}:

  • Fictitious artists that exist in the Macross universe have frequently been credited rather than the real-life performers, especially during the 1990s. Songs have even been released under these characters that were not in the shows. However, there are inconsistencies. Songs by the character Lynn Minmay are sometimes credited to Minmay, but more often to real-life artist Mari Ijima. These are the same person performing the same role, usually singing the same songs. It seems like they should be consistent in the database, but they aren't.
  • Even weirder, more recent releases (from the Macross Frontier series) have been credited to a wierd combination of both artist and character, such as "シェリル・ノーム starring May'n" (Sheryl Nome starring May'n) or "ランカ・リー=中島愛" (Ranka Lee=Megumi Nakajima). Those clearly aren't the actual performing names of either the characters or the real artists, but the tracks and releases are credited that way and we have them that way in our database, essentially crediting each artist twice per track (since they are the same person) and making things rather messy. In any music player, you end up with separate artists for "Sheryl Nome" and "Sheryl Nome starring May'n," which is absurd. Since the credits on the cover are essentially describing an AR, shouldn't we treat it that way?
  • One last issue with how we're handling Macross stuff: the character Sheryl Nome usually or always has her name written "Sheryl Nome" on the cover art, and the character is not supposed to be Japanese (in fact, she's made to be as Western as possible). Why do we have the artist in the database as "シェリル・ノーム"? If she were a real person, we would be using "Sheryl Nome" for certain. --flamepanther

"Fictitious" vs "Ficitonal"

If I understand correctly, the title of this page should be "Fictional Artist", not "Fictitious Artist". A fictional artist is an artist from fiction; a fictitious artist would be if someone had sincerely tried to get away with lying about the existence of a non-existent artist (maybe Milli Vanilli would qualify?) For context: