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I've attempted to create a valid translation, I'm not that good in French though. But since I've got examination of French tomorrow, it seemed like a good excercise ;) --azertus

  • My French is not much better, but it looks okay to me (I tweaked it a bit and added a title) @alex Should be better :) --lindestinel

Added "Saïan Supa Crew". I've used a permalink, but all the others are artistid links - any preference? --ZeroGravitas

  • Permalinks are better, as they would work with MB mirrors as well. Sadly they are not really permanent, as they can be lost in an artist merge. @alex

I put more artists. I found a webpage with a list of mostly very well known French songs sorted by artist name ( française DVD.htm) There is still to put links --- Futal

I am french, so I can help maintaining this list (though my prefered music is classical and jazz, not french songs). I put the first name before the family name when it wasn't, I removed a few double lines, separated artists that had separate careers, and corrected a few misspellings (I know it is very difficult when it it is not your language). I found another list on wikipedia: but I didn't use it to add more artists to this list (probably more than 700 artists there!) -- davitof