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amazon should be used in two ways, with two separate procedures.

1: it should be used to link to as a reference for the exact release.

2: it should be used for cover art, which should not require the exact release, if the art is the same.

so, we should NOT require the "has amazon ASIN" approach to be used for people wanting to add cover art from amazon. because many CDs are OUT-OF-PRINT, and there simply is not exact amazon (nor anywhere else) listing anymore.

cover art is important to many people. please update the procedures and policies for using amazon as a release reference vs a source of cover art. the fact that musicbrainz is very limiting in this way regarding cover art (for which amazon is the best source), makes me want to not use musicbrainz. out-of-print cds are not going to be found as official listing on amazon, cdbaby, etc, and may be very hard to find in internet archive. however, there is a chance that there is an MP3 version, or used CD, sold on amazon, which we should use! --Pachinkogirl 21:23, 2 December 2011 (UTC)