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(moved from AdvancedRelationshipTypeProposal by @alex)

There are quite a few different IMDB links that would make sense. If you use one, people will be surprised when we don't provide more, so you can expect that implementing this feature will lead to lots more feature requests. I think before this link type is created, there should be at least some discussion about the others so we know what our policy is. Here are some link types that could be considered:

  • Artist <-> Person's entry in IMDb
  • Artist <-> Movies they've appeared in (especially bands, which aren't handled well by IMDb)
  • Soundtrack Album <-> Movie it's taken from (works for games too!)
  • Artist <-> Biopic about them


Dupuy (I think it was) pointed out that Song <-> Movie would be a very bad idea, because many popular songs appear as tracks on hundreds of CDs in various versions, and every one of those track would potentially need to be linked to the IMDb entry. So this should wait until we have some kind of "Song" entity. --MatthewExon

We could link labels with type links. // Liftarn