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It would be nifty if the OriginalVersion could be marked non-canonical/redirect to the latest version. --MartinRudat

Would it be better to list both the ID3 tag and the Vorbis comment under the tag description, rather than having a seprate section for ID3 and another for Vorbis? Please, AnswerMe. --MartinRudat

What should happen for case 3 of ReleaseArtistStyle? Should the ArtistID for the release be set to the ReleaseArtist or should it be omitted? How does it effect the setting of the ID3 tag, TCMP? AnswerMe, please. --MartinRudat

Nasty question; Release vs Album vs backwards combatability. AnswerMe, please. --MartinRudat

Would it be worthwhile to create links for the rest of the tags, in addition to the MusicBrainzIdentifier links? Please, AnswerMe. -- MartinRudat 10:12, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Does the tagger write any of the MusicBrainz metadata to .m4a files?

What is the consensus or if there is any a standard on storing the Amazon ASIN? Just "ASIN" or "Amazon ASIN" (id3v2 TXXX), and "Amazon/ASIN" (for WMA; this only would actually make sense with WMA, and would hint towards id3v2 using "Amazon ASIN") -- MiloszDerezynski

The "A" in "ASIN" stands for "Amazon"; "Amazon ASIN" means "Amazon Amazon ..." - don't do that.

Question: why are the Vorbis tag names like "MUSICBRAINZ_XXX"? Even though they list everything in upper-case,'s encoder uses lower case for "title", etc., tag names as specified as case-insensitive, and they can contain spaces: so using "MusicBrainz Xxx", like in the "MP4 tags" for the tag names looks much nicer!

After editing this, I noticed that the Status: line up top implies this page details what libtunepimp supports. I added the DiscID tag after talking to RobertKaye because the application I'm writing needs access to that metadata. Should I wait until libtunepimp supports it? Please, AnswerMe. -- SeanGoller

  • I moved it to it's own section, because the table does only list the implemented state of libtunepimp. --Fuchs

This page vs Picard tag mapping

Since we have a page on Picard's tag mappings, what use is having this short list of tags? The Picard page provides more information and is maintained. Since Picard is MusicBrainz' official tagger I think it makes sense to recommend to others that they follow its tagging standards. --navap 21:01, 14 December 2009 (UTC)