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I could not find the follwoing two in the interface are they just planned or what?

  • Recorded at: The RecordedAtRelationshipType allows the place that a work was recorded to be added as a relationship.
  • Label: This links a work to the label that it is published under.

I have to comment here, that I think there's far too much detail available in this class. I think that data should be recorded only where there's a real use for it, and I can't think of any conceivable use for recording "arranged the travel for", or several other of the relationship types given here, and I can't think why anyone would ever be bothered to add this information. These relationship types seem only to obscure the genuinely important ones, like "produced" and label relationships. I would like to see this simplified. I should probably therefore come up with a more concrete proposal and add it as an AdvancedRelationshipTypeProposal. I'll get on to that RSN. --Matthew Exon

  • The source file was incorrectly copied. The types you complained about are all sub-types of the Misc type. I moved them out of here because they cluttered the page. I still think they are good because they should allow to represent all the details that are written in the liner notes. --DonRedman
    • That's a big improvement. With all that stuff on a separate page, it seems like much less of a problem :-) Thanks. --MatthewExon