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Discussion about release stats

Q: What's the status of a BonusDisc?

My take on this is that the release status should be the same as the release it came with. So a bonus disc with an official release should be marked Official. The release type has to be judged from the content - I've seen releases, eps, singles and compilations as bonus discs. --ZeroGravitas

  • I think it should be determined as if it is a separate entry. Live releases are Live, Remix releases are Remix, bonus discs with just a few tracks, e.g. different versions, are probably best categorised as Other. --Zout

Would it be possible to tighten up the definition of "Official" to read something like "A release sanctioned by the legal copyright holder(s), usually including an artist and their record company, with the product being available for retail sale"? With pretty much anything officially released by a record company, there is a profit motive. Lots of mp3s are only semi-official, as they are available for free from various websites, evidently without the various copyright holders' specific permissions, but with little likelihood of a lawsuit. I would include such semi-official freebies as part of the "promotion" category. --ArtySmokes

Free music archive sites

There are a few of these out there, such as the Internet Archive, Free Music Archive, and Daytrotter, that host mostly live recordings. These are often tagged here as bootlegs; however, these sites actively ensure that they have artist consent to distribute these non-commercially. If everything up there is authorized, I don't really see how shows hosted on those sites can fall under the definition of Bootlegs. Torc 09:06, 28 November 2010 (UTC)