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I guess it will be possible for 3rd party program to request (XML & Co I guess) the tags of an entity; will it be possible to request the tags set by one user for this entity ? --MLL

I think the tags should be seeable from the entity page if we want people to use / edit them. And the "Tag this artist" link is not easy to spot when there is a big soup of tags. --MLL

The tag display feature looks fine to me. Nice to have all entities (albums / artists etc in one place). --MLL

Tags are comma separated and only alphanumberic (word) characters, '-' and <space> are allowed for making tags. - I think this should be indicated when on clicks on the "Tag this artist" link. --MLL

  • You can add any tags right now, for example ones with Chinese characters. Why should a Chinese user who wants to tag something as being related to 周杰倫 have to use the Englishified "Jay Chou"? I think this is good and I don't think that tags should be limited to 7-bit ascii or anything like that. I hope that the policy isn't implemented technically or as a guideline. --foolip