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While discussing this guideline with reosarevok on IRC, he thought it would be useful that the intent of the guideline is clarified. The relevant parts of this discussion have been reproduced below:

 12:53 <warp> even the capture the cover people probably do not want most western 
       pop releases to be ENTERED LIKE THIS in the database.
 12:54 <reosarevok> Yeah, that's clear... but what's the point on following the 
       cover when it doesn't show any intent, just the fact that the artist / 
       designer has no idea of how his own language works?
 12:54 <reosarevok> (am I supposed to also leave diacritics out because they can't
       be arsed to use them?)
 12:56 <warp> in general it is very difficult to determine what is accidental and 
       what is intentional.  if we're reasonably convinced an error is not 
       intentional, it should be fix -- wether that is a typo or capitalization.
 12:56 <reosarevok> Ok
 12:56 <reosarevok> Add that to the guideline and I'll agree with it :D
 12:57 <warp> ok :)