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There are a few things missing from the VM image that would make it a whole lot easier to use. For example, emacs and java (needed to run the /admin/jsdeploy/ script). Also, trying to get VMWare Tools installed was a bit of a pain because there were some dependencies missing, like linux-headers-2.6.18-4-686 and gcc 4.1.2 (the version used to build the kernel). Finally, it would be nice if the /etc/apt/sources.list file were set to include the standard debian locations so that apt-get were more useful. Something like:

deb stable main contrib non-free
deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb stable/updates main contrib non-free
# Uncomment if you want the apt-get source function to work
#deb-src stable main contrib non-free
#deb-src stable/non-US main contrib non-free

lynx question

Could someone please explain howto mark files in lynx? That's not that easy for most of us (windows-)users.

keyboard question

For those of us with a non-US-keyboard, you should explain how to enter the ~ sign (in front of your import-file)

And for those who wants to use the usual layout, login with root and Enter the following commands

dpkg-reconfigure locales 

Scroll down with cursor key and mark the needed locales with space bar ('de_DE ISO-8859-1' for German), press TAB to go to OK and press ENTER

dpkg-reconfigure console-data
Select keymap from full list

press TAB to go to OK and press ENTER

Scroll down with cursor key to the needed keyboard layout for example

pc / quertz / German / Standard / latin1

press TAB to go to OK and press ENTER

dpkg-reconfigure console-common 

The previously choosen keymap from 'dpkg-reconfigure console-data' will be selected automatically, you can't change it here.

dpkg-reconfigure console-tools

Logout and login again, you should see now your usual keys.